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Last Sunday Dinner in NC

One thing I loved about being close to family in North Carolina was our weekly Sunday dinners.

When we lived in NC we were 5 minutes from my awesome in-laws, Dave's Aunt Val, and Grampa Tim. They all live on the same street, so we got spoiled with their company!

My husbands step-mom, Alex, is amazing. Despite her crazy busy schedule, she cooked us awesome (vegan, even!) meals every Sunday night! Some of the fondest memories I have happened during those visits.

Our last Sunday together was very bitter-sweet.

We ordered Mozzarella Fella's pizza, which is the very best of the best! We played with bubbles, we ate watermelon slices, enjoyed the last bit of summer, and our last supper together.

Luckily, I took photos to remember this wonderful night, and my brother-in-law Cameron took a couple of Dave and I (with my help). Maybe he'll be a photographer someday :P

Anyway, without further ado, here are some photos from our last Sunday dinner together.

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