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Fun Hikes on Oahu

I wanted to share some of my favorite hikes that I've done on island.

Download an app like AllTrails for specific details on any of these hikes including mileage, difficulty, maps, and GPS tracking. Please remember to be safe.

Bring extra water and snacks, tell someone where you'll be, pack sunscreen, don't leave valuables in your vehicles, and most importantly- have fun!

*Excuse the photo quality, all photos taken on my iPhone, because the best camera is the one you have with you ;)

Kokohead Stairs

It's a long trip up. Like, really really long. Imagine walking up stairs for 30-45minutes straight. That's this hike. People bring kids and babywear, but I'm not brave enough to try it. It's hard enough getting my own body up this thing.

Anyway, it's a super popular hike with amazing views!

Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail

The Makapu'u lighthouse trail on the east side of Oahu is a paved path in full sun with a pretty steep incline/decline. The views are worth it, but don't forget sunblock and extra water!

If you go in February or March you can see the whales playing!

Wa'ahila Ridge

Wa'ahila Ridge is a beautiful spot for a picnic! There are several trails (download AllTrails for a complete list), and there are also several lookout spots.

Pink (Ma'ili) Pillbox

This is a fun one, and a trail we've taken many guests on, but it's not easy. There are several very rocky parts and one wrong foot could be catastrophic. That being said, my 7yo has done this one many times as well as two sets of grandparents, so it's definitely doable for families. I just want to make sure not to undersell the difficulty because I've been known to do that according to some friends :p

Lanikai Pillbox

This one is super fun! It's definitely challenging in parts, but it's fairly short which makes it not too bad.

Remember how I said I sometimes undersell the difficulty? My friend Fabio here said this one was much harder than I said.... Whoops! So be warned, basically all the hikes here are next level, but also have next level views <3

Ehukai Pillboxes

Ehukai Pillbox up in the North Shore is definitely a must do hike! It's one of the easier ones (although still uphill), with beautiful views and lots of offshoot trails to explore.

When you reach the summit there's a wonderful view of the Banzai Pipeline where you can even watch some surfers doing what they do best!

Koko Crater Botanical Garden

We like this one because its fairly easy. There are lots of themed gardens along the way with cacti, plumeria, and bougainvillea. It's a beautiful place to take an easy(ish) stroll.

Wahiawa Hills Trail

This one is hands down my favorite, but I'm weird and just absolutely love being in the woods under full tree coverage :p

If you want to trade some ocean views for a trek in the woods (bonus, no crowds), this is the hike for you!

Just be careful, and download AllTrails or a similar GPS tracking app and follow the trail, there are lots of offshoots to potentially get lost on.


I mean if you feel like you have to do this one, go for it, but it's absolutely littered with people now (this photo was covid times before travelers, and even then I had to wait for this shot). Now, it's basically one giant long line to see the view at the top. Save yourself time, money, and energy and pick any other hike on this list first :p

Aiea Loop

Another one of my favorites with a beautiful view of H3. This one is not as crowded as many others, and is in a state park with lots of free (safe-ish?) parking. I think its about 4 miles long and took us a little over 2 hours with lots of stopping for photos and to check things out.

Waimea Botanical Gardens