Bluebonnets & Fern | Cake Smash

I had this awesome minimalistic green cake smash idea, and I'm so thankful that mom, Amber, trusted my vision.

Little Silas is such a cutie, and loved eating his yummy cake.

The cake was made by The Flour Girl. Check out all of her delicious cakes and treats, she even has vegan options!

Naked cakes are wonderful for little one's who don't like getting super messy. They're also absolutely stunning!

He wasted no time digging in!

Doesn't matter if they're newborn or 1+ year old, little baby feet are always super adorable.

Once this handsome fella was done with his cake, it was time for his bubble bath!

Poor little guy was all done slipping around in that tub! He looked so cute doing it though!

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