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Lindsay | Maternity Session

I was really excited to see Lindsay again for her maternity session, and now I can't wait for the newborn session!

Maternity photo
expectant mother's belly

Beautiful baby belly <3

family walking
family walking from behind

It was such a gorgeous day for a stroll through Walker Ranch Historic Park.

pregnant mom and daughter
daughter touching moms belly

This little girl loves her mommy and baby sister.

dad mimicking mom
family hug
maternity photo in wildflowers
pregnant mom in wildflowers

What a beautiful time to be pregnant.

dad and daughter walking
holding dads hand

Look at that dress! The whole outfit was super cute!

1 2 3
Belly photo
happy girl
girl sitting on log

She was riding a pony if you didn't know ;)

belly to belly

This just reminds me of "Don't mess with Texas" hahaha.

sassy stare

I loved this little girl's sass! We had a blast during our session!

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