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Preparing for Your Newborn Session

About the Session

I start by finding the best sources of natural light in your home. I do have lighting setup I bring along if necessary, but I rarely ever need it.

I take a lot of lifestyle (candid) photos throughout my time there with some time set aside for poses, but don't worry, I will give plenty of direction as needed.

It's best if you can keep baby awake before our session time, that way baby is nice and sleepy for the photos.


I suggest wearing layers. Layers will ensure you're comfortable, and will give you a variety of different looks if you choose to remove/add clothing during the shoot.

I have a personal preference of matching/coordinating the look, but this is about you. Wear whatever you want to the shoot because there is no dress code.

If you'd like some assistance coordinating outfits with your family, I am more than happy to help- just shoot me an email and we'll work it out together.

I'lll bring a few different wraps for baby, and everything needed to get some posed photos of baby.


If you'd like to personalize your shoot even more feel free to set out any props you'd like to incorporate, or even your pet dog. I tend to be more minimalistic with photography (and in life), so I'm a lot more likely to use scenery instead of props, but I can absolutely work with anything you've got.


It’s totally normal to feel nervous! I'm not expecting you to be models. It's my job to direct and pose you, so try to relax and go with it, and I guarantee we will create some stellar photos together!

I'm super excited for our upcoming session and I can't wait to work with you!

Please, let me know if there is any additional way I can help you prepare for our time together.

Thanks again, and see you soon!

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