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One Last Visit to NC Zoo & Dino Bus!

NC zoo sign

Clementine wasn't able to do the Dino Bus the couple times we had been to the zoo previously, so Dave really wanted to bring her one last time before we left. It rained a little here and there which was refreshing on such a hot day. We didn't see a lot of animals this time around, but it was still super fun.

bus to African exhibits

Heading down to the African exhibits!


I love that this zoo is a natural habitat zoo, and actually the largest of its kind in the world!

The elephants seem to have lots of room to run around. All the animals have their own shelters if they want it.

riding rhino

Rhino statue

Cool rhino statue. We went to their exhibit, but there were no rhinos to be found. It's quite a large space they have which is awesome!

Clementine feeding giraffe

Clementine fed Jack the giraffe some yummy romaine lettuce. Totally worth the $2 to go on the deck and do this, I'd definitely recommend it!


Heading back up toward Junction Station!


Definitely one of her favorite things to do here (or anywhere). She chose a wolf this time, which is pretty appropriate considering she howls and pretends to be a wolf regularly.


I can totally relate to this gorilla, who just wanted to lay around eating the whole time hahah.

Near the gorilla exhibits there is this cool little natural playground that Clementine LOVES!

monkey girl


big girl

"way so high"


smiley girl

drawing in the sand

They have a kids area too, which is super awesome, but we didn't go up that way this time.

sleepy girl

Someone's getting tired.



Or not? :p



decided to do something fun with this flamingo picture.

dino bus

DINO BUS TIME! The Dino Bus takes you out to the parking lot, so we waited until Clementine was ready for a nap.



water spitting dino

This guy sprays water!



Clementine has been obsessed with dinosaurs lately, so we knew this would be a big hit. Sure enough, she LOVED it!!

We can't wait to go back when we visit. I highly recommend this place if you've never been!

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