From NC to TX & Everything in the Middle

I knew this trip would be difficult with three dogs, a cat, and a two-year-old, and it lived up to my expectations a lot of the time. However, there was so much good, fun, and beauty during this move, and that totally made up for all the difficult times.

My in-laws helped us pack up the truck Wednesday, and came to see us off the next morning.

Clementine had a little accident in the moving truck and cut her hand on a fire extinguisher right before we left. It was pretty traumatic for everyone because it was in the crease of her thumb which made it look a lot deeper than it actually was. We were all really worried, but she calmed down, and we were able to see that it was just a long scratch. My poor little accident prone boo.

We said our goodbyes, a few tears were shed, and we were off!

We had to reroute last minute to avoid the coast where Hurricane Harvey was due to strike at the same time we would be there.

Our first stop was in the outskirts of Nashville, TN.

The drive to Nashville was stunning. We drove right through the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains, which were towering over us at times, and other times we were on the very tops of them! I wish that I could have taken photos while driving, but that wouldn't have been safe ;)

At first, we didn't want to book hotels in advance in case we didn't make it that far, but after sleeping in double beds (which was all they had left) and missing each other, we decided to plan out the rest of our trip.

My handsome baby kitty makes himself right at home in any situation. One of the many things I love about him.

Clementine found ways to make fun out of ordinary things like hotel mirrors. She would practice faces and talking while watching herself. Such a cutie.

Our next stop was in Bryant, Arkansas. Surprisingly, this was my favorite area we stayed in.

The King suite was a lot bigger and nicer than our last hotel room, but what really made this place unforgettable was the people I connected with at the hotel.

There was a couple that