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Oliver | Newborn Session

I did maternity and family photos for this wonderful family a couple months ago.

We all had a great time!

son with pregnant mom
mom with pregnant daughter
husband with pregnant wife

I was really excited when mom, Erin, asked me to do newborn photos for them as well.

I picked some bluebonnets, small yellow wildflowers, and some fern leaves before heading out the morning of the newborn session for a special shot I had in mind.

This little guy brings his family so much joy. They couldn't stop doting over him and how amazing he is, and I loved listening to them.

lifestyle newborn
brother and newborn
brother kissing newborn
dad and son
family photo
newborn and family
grandma and newborn
dad and newborn
newborn on fur blanket

Now, time for the bluebonnets and ferns to make their appearance.

boho newborn

Hello, world!

I love baby yawns!

They have such a strong bond already.

baby hand
crying baby

baby on army uniform

I loved photographing this little man and his family <3

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